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1 Aug 2016 UN3481, Lithium Ion Batteries / Cells – PI967 Section II. Packaging. Package Tests Documentation. Labelling. RAM Service. Each battery /cell  4 Dec 2019 Lithium-Ion batteries packed with equipment – UN3481 Section II PI966; Lithium- ion batteries contained in equipment – UN3481 Section II PI 967; Lithium metal Packaging, marking/labeling, and now the completion of this&n Marcatura: “Lithium Battery label” (7.1.C) Batteries in compliance with Section II of. PI 967”. N.B.: Frase in AWB non richiesta sei colli NON riportano il marchio  PI967 section II lithium battery handling label锂电池.

Pi967 section ii label

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Åtgärder. ${title}. Läser in HP:s kundsupport - kunskapsdatabas checkbox label label. checkbox label label.

sub-section 38.3, paragraph 38.3.5“.


965 II. *1. EBI compliance with Section II of. PI967. (When lithium mark is required).

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Pi967 section ii label

Flammability exists if the package is damaged. If the package is damaged it must be quarantined, inspected and repacked. For more information, please call … (phone number)“ only if more than 2 batteries per package: „Lithium-Ion Batteries in compliance with section II of PI 967” Shipping by air. Lithium ion, metal and alloy cells or batteries. UN3091 – PI969 UN3091 – PI970 UN3481 – PI966 UN3481 – PI967. Description Section I — Section II applies to lithium ion cells with a Watt-hour rating not exceeding 20 Wh and lithium ion batteries with a Watt-hour rating not exceeding 100 Wh packed in quantities not exceeding the allowance permitted in Section II, Table 965-II.

Cell≤ 20Wh. Battery≤100Wh. PI967 section II lithium battery  3 Jan 2017 with Lithium Ion battery installed. 1 or 2 installed batteries. Ship under PI 967, Section II additional labeling, documentation, etc. required.
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Prevent accidental activation On label > 4 cells or 2 batteries > 4 cells or 2 batteries “Overpack” Mix with other Section II only AWB, Alternative written documentation Not … 2019-05-17 - Lith. Batt.

Batt. Handling label - Shipper's Declaration - Declaration on AWB (#2) - MSDS & UN38.3 (UNDOT) #1 UN3480 Li-Ion Batteries in compliance with Section IB of PI 965 #2 UN3480 Li-Ion Batteries in compliance with Section II of PI 965 Packing Instruction 966 (PI966) - UN3481 LITHIUM ION BATTERIES PACKED WITH EQUIPMENT PI965: 即是整票貨也只有鋰電池.
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UN3480/3090, Section II (EBI/EBM)貨物と一般貨物の混載は可能ですか。 ☞はい、混載可能です。但し、リチウム電池(UN3480/3090 Section II)の個数は1pcに制限されます。 3. UN3480/3090(PI965/968), Section II (EBI/EBM)貨物と PI967 Lithium ion batteries in compliance with Section II of PI 967 包装基準 967 セクションII (PI966의 경우 Section I 와 II로 구분 됨) ex) 갤럭시S5 UN3481 Lithium ion batteries contained in equipment 리튬 이온 배터리가 기계에 장착된 채 운송 되는 경우 (PI967) (PI967의 경우 Section I 와 II로 구분 됨) ex) 아이폰 .

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Lithium-batterilabeluppdatering 2019 - Kunskap - Integrera

Part 1 (B) – Step 2 – “Information on a Separate Document” does not apply here. 3. CAO Labels Address Label Marking • Place the appropriate battery statement in a document pouch • Mark by hand or place the Section II of PI967 section ii document required shippers declaration not required for packages bearing the lithium battery label mark the statement lithium ion batteries in compliance with section ii of pi967 must be indicated on the fedex air waybill, updated 23 november 2012 battery type imp code piece net weight per - Lith. Batt.